Inauguration Fashion Notes


The inauguration was a thing that happened last week. Here are some of my notes of the event, also known as, “The battle to be a women’s suffragette symbol.”


Melania Trump: 

Whether intentional or not, Melania’s dress evokes the iconic Jackie O’s light blue outfit from JFK’s inauguration. And she looked objectively gorgeous.

Melania seems to be trying really hard to be a good first lady, and looking to other popular first ladies for inspiration. She looked to Michelle Obama’s words for her speech at the National Republican Convention, and now she appears to look to Jackie O in her inauguration dress.

I am not in Melania’s brain, but she might find more success and less criticism if she put more effort into being herself instead of trying to be like past first ladies.

To summarize, I liked her dress. She looked great. But I wish she would have worn something to help us understand who she is rather than what she would have looked like next to JFK.


Ivanka Trump: 

I HATED Ivanka’s jacket. Maybe it’s the ultra uptight Protestantism embedded into my culture and history and Minnesota soul, but I just thought this asymmetrical length was out-of-touch. Yes, I get it, she is heavily involved in fashion, and this represents the ultra trendiness that is Ivanka.

But this jacket looks like something Oscar de la Renta thought a person living 150 years in the future on a space station would wear. Except they totally wouldn’t, because that jacket would get caught in some sort of motor fan or propeller.

Let’s end on a positive note. Ivanka Trump is sunshine trapped inside a human vessel.


Michelle Obama:

What? Michelle always looks great. Despite the strong burgundy color, her dress was simple and safe. She doesn’t grab anyone’s attention with her outfit, but that’s fine.

I’m not applauding avoiding risks, but Michelle wasn’t the guest of honor at this event, and this understated look allows the attention to focus on the Trumps as they take the stage.


Hillary Clinton: 

Other than sporting the grimmest expression I’d ever seen, Hillary looked nice in her white pantsuit. There’s not much else to say. But that’s the idea, right? Wear the same thing long enough and people stop caring about what you’re wearing and listen to what you’re saying.


Barron Trump: 

Melania must do Barron’s hair, because he’s the ONLY male Trump with good hair.


Donald Trump: 

Someone on his stellar team needs to tell Trump that the 80s are over and they were not good and now that he’s president it’s time to live in the now.


Kellyanne Conway: 

Oh, Kellyanne Conway, Kellyanne Conway, Kellyanne Conway.

You tried. You tried, and kudos to you for that.

I honestly feel this military/off-to-the-derbies crossover would work if it wasn’t Kellyanne Conway wearing it. An eclectic like Lady Gaga or a super stylish old lady, perhaps.

She may have been a super top notch campaign manager, but she just comes across as a woman who read a lot of Madeline books growing up.


George W. Bush: 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥