Melania Trump’s sleeves at the Republican National Convention

2016 Republican National Convention - Day 1

Melania Trump at the Republican Convention.

Melania Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio last night. Sure, parts of the speech MIGHT have been plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech way back when Barack Obama was running for president, but let’s just gloss over that major whoops and check out her dress. This is a fashion history blog, after all.

Her Roksanda dress with three-quarter sleeves dress with flounces (Ruffles? Baragoni? I’m not sure what the exact term would be for it) evokes a major 18th century vibe.

Silhouettes evolved throughout the 18th century, but three-quarter sleeves remained fairly constant.


Image from Met Museum


Image from Met Museum


Image from Met Museum.


The 18th century was a dramatic period of blood, uprooting and disconnect between social classes. Maybe Melania was trying to convey the independent, revolutionary American spirit of colonial times through her flouncy sleeves.

Probably not. I don’t know. I’m not in her brain.